How to subscribe


These are instructions on subscribing to the Horses in History and Culture website so that you don’t have to keep checking for new activity. If would like to know how to post new information to the site, click here.

The website uses a feature called “RSS” to manage subscriptions. RSS allows you to see when a web site has new information without having to check the site itself. It’s handy for news, journals, and public forums like the Horses in History and Culture website.  There are many fancy RSS “Readers,” including one that comes free with your Google account (, and many email programs allow you to see RSS information as new email messages, but all web browsers themselves can create a simple bookmark for RSS information.  Here’s how to get Firefox to create such a simple bookmark.  First, go to the website and look for the subscription button:

Click on subscribe to “Posts” and choose “Atom” from the list of possibilities:

On the resulting page, choose “Subscribe to this feed using Live Bookmarks.” click on the “Subscribe Now” button and choose a place to store your bookmark (either in the toolbar or in the list of bookmarks).

In the following example I've put the bookmark in the toolbar.  When new information is posted to the site, a number should appear in parentheses next to the bookmark to show new unread items.  Clicking on the bookmark will bring up a short list of posts by title. You can follow any title to the item in question or open the main site itself: