Laurie Pietravalle

Laurie Pietravalle has known the love of dance all her life. She stared early with tap and moved through ballroom, country, swing, and Irish set, to contras and squares. She started calling a bit by accident when she organized the first callerís workshop in Grand Rapids. At graduation, her mentor, Michael Clark, asked the group who was planning to call during the dance. When Laurie said, "Donít look at me. Iím not a caller," he responded, "Yes, you are." Thatís when the thrill ride began!

As a caller, Laurie is known for fun and effective new dancer introductions, efficient and directive walk-throughs, enjoyable dance selections, and good intuition in adjusting dances to fit the crowd.

Laurie is an avid dancer and dance organizer. She holds committee and board positions with several West Michigan dance communities and festivals and maintains an active role in supporting new dance communities throughout Michigan and Northern Indiana. Laurie often is asked to call for weddings, fund raisers, and at special events. A few of Laurieís special joys were being selected to call the three-day 2015 Great Lake Folk Festival in East Lansing, in 2015 (and various other years) at the Wheatland Traditional Arts Festival in Remus, and several times at the Wheatland Music Festival.

She keeps herself, and the dancers, with smiles on their faces, and movement on the floor!

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