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Descendants of Ralph and John Houghton of Lancaster MA

Houghton Family  Home In the late 1800s, Dr. John Wesley Houghton began work assembling information for publication of a genealogy of the descendants of Ralph and John Houghton, early residents of Lancaster MA.  Ralph was the first Clerk of the Writs in 1653.  Descendants of John Houghton include the Houghtons of Corning Glass, Houghton-Mifflin, Douglass Houghton (MI), and actress Katherine Houghton Hepburn.  Descendants of Ralph include many doctors, lawyers, and other professionals. All are related to the de Hoghton core family in England although the connections are hard to trace and, at the moment, impossible to prove.  There are members of the family in the UK who are, even now, looking for their lost Colonial relatives.

Houghtons from Colonial times have made contributions large and small to the building of this country.  This is a small part of their story.

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